Filipino Combat Arnis, as taught by Sensei Kahn, includes single stick, double stick, knife, stick and knife and unarmed-versus-armed techniques.   The training methods include drills to develop proper technique, flow drills to develop coordination, self-defense drills to simulate attacks and defenses, and contact drills using body armor and padded weapons.

In addition to instruction and training in Uechi-ryu Karate, Sensei Kahn also teaches Filipino Combat Arnis, under the direction of his teacher, Guro Raffi Derderian of Johnston, Rhode Island. Guro Derderian has trained extensively under Sifu Kevin Seaman, himself a student of Guro Dan Inosanto. Guro Derderian has also trained under Professor Remy Presas and Hock Hochheim. Sensei Kahn, and the Chicago Dojo, are members of Guro Derderian's Shinko-ryu Martial Arts Association.

Filipino Martial Arts