Mitch Zaveduk began his Uechi Karate training under Sensei Kahn in 1993. Mitch was promoted to Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) by Hanshi George E. Mattson in 2001.

Mitch's martial interests are quite eclectic, and he has traveled extensively with Sensei Kahn to many diverse seminars around the country. He has attended these seminars as both a student, and also as an assistant when Sensei Kahn leads his seminars. In addition to his Uechi training, Mitch is also skilled in the Filipino Martial Arts and cross-trained in Judo, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, and Japanese Jiu Jitsu.

Mitch is a Senior Vice President and the Chief Real Estate Appraiser for a national bank. Outside of the dojo, Mitch is a big hockey fan, and a member of a local softball team.  He lives in Northbrook, Illinois with his wife Abra and their two daughters.

Mitch Zaveduk